River Star Homes is a custom home builder established in the Texas and Colorado markets. All homes are highly energy efficient and integrate connected home technologies. Developments are established in urban centers to capitalize on existing infrastructure and to provide a high quality living experience for our clients.

We feel that energy efficient, connected homes should be available to all demographics. We build Energy star homes for every client, and will build Net Zero homes in every market we enter. All our homes are equipped with connected devices that control climate, irrigation, security, and energy consumption.

Our homes provide healthy living environments for our clients and their loved ones. This requires an emphasis on clean air, safe building materials, and unyielding safety design.

Our commitment is to seamlessly integrate breathtaking design, top energy efficiency, and unrivaled livability for our client’s future home. Our mission is to make highly efficient homes within reach of those that need it the most.

River Star Homes will create value by providing standard features in our homes once considered upgrades or reserved for higher priced custom homes. By working with electrical, mechanical, and structural engineers we design homes that save our homeowners money and allow them to control their homes remotely. Every home is designed with these end results in mind which in turn allows us to deliver on our value commitment.